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Download the new guide on how to engage markets as part of development strategies

Danish Forum for Microfinance launches a new guide on how Civil Society Organisations can facilitate and advocate for pro-poor market development. Based on the new Civil Society Policy of Danida, the guide seeks to address the dynamic changes in the South through partnerships with local market actors. The new guide introduces principles, tactics and tools and refers extensively to more than 10 cases on market development from the Danish NGO sector. 

Markets are increasingly seen as a solution rather than a constraint to poverty eradication. Civil Society Organisations, however, are generally not engaging with market actors as effectively as possible for improved opportunities of their target group. With the new Danish Civil Society Policy, Danish NGOs are encouraged to enter new types of partnerships that address the dynamic changes in developing country contexts, including the growing potential of the local private sector in tackling development issues.

This is the point of departure of the new 'How to Work with Markets' Guide. The Guide has been developed specifically to reflect the Danish NGO environments and policy frameworks. The 'How to Work with Markets' Guide addresses the role and functions of civil society and community based organisations in market development and builds on numerous best practice livelihoods and value chain approaches. The guide focuses on key principles along with a number of underlying tactics and quick guides, tools, worksheets, and indicators.

The guide has been written by Margie Brand and Peter Blum Samuelsen together with the reference group giving input and providing case examples: danishknowhow®, ADRA Denmark, NORDECO, BØRNEfonden, Organic Denmark, Danish Mission Council Development Department, SOS Children Villages, Bikes for Senegal, Civil Society in Development, Agricultural Development Denmark Asia, Fair Trade Denmark, Care Denmark, Caritas Denmark.

Download the full guide here.


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