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EMNE: Ryan Kalil was a mainstay in Carolina for over

Ryan Kalil was a mainstay in Carolina for over 1 år 2 måneder siden #105413

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In what is becoming an annual off-season tradition , the Panthers have serious questions to address for their putrid offensive line. but he has since retired. His retirement accentuates the Panthers need to search for a suitable replacement in the center of their offensive line.The former Wolfpack product attended high school in Charlotte, but the universal praise from draft analysts forced me to check out his NC State tape. Pass protectionThe concern many have with Bradbury is his functional strength, but those issues can be alleviated with leverage and hand placement.Bradbury’s IQ shows up on this set. He immediately identifies the incoming stunt and shifts his eyes to the 3-technique. Bradbury has flexible knee bend and his hand placement is ideal to provide a clean pocket for the quarterback.Bradbury demonstrates why leverage and placement are important to slow down defensive tackles. He does an effective job of using his footwork to mirror the tackle and then controlling him with his leverage.Bradbury is facing Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence on this rep. He snaps his hands quickly into his set, but then carries over his hands to fight against Lawrence’s pass rush. Bradbury is facing Christian Wilkins heads up. This is where the concerns about his play strength show up. Wilkins uses a one arm stab to Bradbury’s chest, which catches him off balance. Wilkins is then able to rip through and beat him.Bradbury’s technique in pass rush reps are excellent. The concerns with his anchor are real, but the athleticism, IQ, and and core strength can be compensated for that issue.Run blockingNC State’s rushing offense mainly ran zone concepts last season. There weren’t many power or gap concepts in their arsenal. Bradbury executes a difficult reach block, but then works up field to get his hands on the linebacker. The result is a touchdown, but this was an impressive combo block.Bradbury flattens the defensive tackle to create a lane for the running back. He uses correct angles when he is working laterally. Then, he displays functional movement skills to open up the hole.Bradbury’s movement skills are also impressive. He immediately targets the linebacker at the second level. He makes just enough contact so the running back can continue his run for an extra 10 yards.Bradbury isn’t perfect when he has to win the leverage battle. As shown on this play, he’s late to react which allows the defensive tackle to drive him back. Due to the issues with his anchor and functional strength, he has to win the leverage battle immediately.Fit with CarolinaCarolina certainly needs a center to replace Kalil , but the question becomes how soon should they draft one? Of course there is free agency, but the better option is to find a young guy to groom for years to come. Bradbury has the technique, athleticism, and IQ to become a key cog in the NFL for years. His functional strength is a real issue. Carolina’s offense is primarily centered around gap and power run concepts. If the Panthers were executing a zone based offense like the 49ers or Rams, then I’d feel comfortable drafting Bradbury high. With that said, I would take a chance on Bradbury in the 2nd round. However, there have been rumors about him potentially going in the first round. That’s too rich. Carolina has to address the interior of their offensive line, but they should also not force the pick. The NFL Draft is all about guessing and prediction, and now that the season has ended with another disappointing Super Bowl matchup, we are going to start predicting and prognosticating the hell out of it. Part of doing that is analyzing the Carolina Panthers needs and seeing how they line up with general manager Marty Hurney’s draft history.To assist in giving Hurney an overall grade for how he has done drafting over the years, I’ve come up with a simple point system that grades each selection on two criteria.Player Quality: Zero to six scale. Six points for a franchise cornerstone/hall of fame grade player, five for an excellent starter, four for a good starter, three for an average starter Youth Luke Kuechly Jersey , two for quality depth/rotational player, one for depth, zero for a total non-contributing bust.Pick Importance: Negative two to one scale. Negative two for first round picks, negative one for second and third round picks, zero for fourth and fifth rounders, and one point for anything beyond that. The logic here is that in the first round you need to at least grab an average starter to get a positive score, while ideally you should be getting someone great. Meanwhile in the late rounds, most prospects never become anything of note, so you aren’t penalized for that.For scaling purposes, using this system Luke Kuechly (6 + -2) and Kawann Short (5 + -1) would both be a four, a guy like Tom Brady (6 + 1) would be a super rare seven, and Captain Munnerlyn (2 + 1) would be a three.It is VERY IMPORTANT to note, these are not grades of individual players, but rather the value of the draft picks used to obtain them. This system expects you to do well with your early picks , while rewarding the occasional late round gem. This system does NOT attempt to factor in trade up or down scenarios, simply what became of the player based on when they were picked.As an example, here is the breakdown of Marty Hurney’s final draft class before he originally was terminated in 2012.Round 1 (9): Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College. (6 + -2 = 4)As an example, Luke Kuechly is inarguably a franchise cornerstone and is awarded the maximum value of six points. He was selected in the first round, which carries a weight of -2 points because you are expected to get a good player with those picks. This makes the total score a four, because you nailed a pick you should nail.Round 2 (40): Amini Silatolu, OG, Midwestern State (1 + -1 = 0)As a further example, missing with a high pick really hurts you. Amini Silatolu has never even come close to living up to his draft billing, and is simply depth (and not good depth at that). His player quality score is just a one, and it’s cancelled out by his second round selection, essentially making him a bust.Round 4 (103): Frank Alexander Cheap Trai Turner Jersey , DE, Oklahoma (2 + 0 = 2)Round 4 (104): Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas (0 + 0 = 0)Round 5 (143): Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina (4 + 0 = 4)Round 6 (207): Brad Nortman, P, Wisconsin (3 + 1 = 4)Round 7 (216): D.J. Campbell, FS, California (0 + 1 = 1)Final Draft score is 15 divided by 7 which equals 2.14. An average draft that could have been great without a massive bust in the second round.Hurney’s very average 2012 NFL DraftLook for position specific articles that analyze Marty Hurney over a long period of time coming up in the next few weeks as our offseason coverage begins in earnest here on CSR.
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